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myDayZ Guardian


What does Guardian do?

+ Guardian controls the Joining of our Community Hive Gameservers and applies the Whitelist.
+ Guardian controls the Switching of Chernarus Gamersers and prevents Server-Hopping.

Guardian Whitelist Protection

Players who try to join our Community Hive Gameservers will be kicked if they aren't on the Whitelist. They get an informational message which sends them to http://hive.mydayz.de where they find information about the Community Hive and a How To for whitelisting.

Guardian Server Switch Protection

Guardian prevents the immediate switching between gameservers which are connected to the same hive. These gameservers cannot be accessed until 15 minutes elapsed. Of course you can reconnect to the origin server immediately. Players who try to switch to another server without letting the 15 minutes pass will be kicked and get an informational message which contains the time until they can join the server.


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