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DayZ Community Hive

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The myDayZ Community Hive offers a secure and independent environment with less hacker pollution and a good server performance. Besides the known DayZ map Chernarus, we are hosting several custom maps like Caribou. All of our gameservers are protected with our whitelisting technology, which allows players to join our servers if they got throuh our whitelisting process. We provide some additional services like Character Rollback and Abuse Management to punish players who do not obey our hive policy. With the Community Hive, we want to create an environment where you can enjoy DayZ.


Community Hive



Using Cheats, Hacks, Script, Bots or any other software which manipulates the gameplay experience is strictly forbidden. Among others this applies to: Maphacks, spawning of items/objects, godmode, aimbot or teleporting.

Concequence for violation: permament ban



Using game mechanics or game flaws for unintended purposes, for the own benefit or to the disadvantage of other players is forbidden. Among others this applies to: Using the "Respawn" button in situations where it normally is not available, glitching through walls, duping of items.

Concequence for violation: warning/temporary or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the violation.



If you encounter items or vehicles which are normally not available on our servers (e.g. hacked weapons, spawned weapon crates) may not be used and must be reported instantly in the forums or to a staff member in TeamSpeak. You may however use this item to destroy it immediately (e.g. you can loot a hacked weapon to instantly place it into a body and hide it). 

Concequence for violation: permament ban



Death Dodging and Combat Logging are forbidden. If you are attacked by a player or you engage another player you may not log out immediatly to avoid death. In such cases you have to stay ingame for an appropriate amount of time (five minutes can be seen as reference point) to allow the other players to react to your action. If you are convicted of a combat log your active character will be killed.

Concequence for violation: warning/temporary or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the violation.



Insulting other players in our forums, the gameserver or our TeamSpeak servers are forbidden. You may not use ingame nicks which are offensive or insult other players or groups. 

Concequence for violation: warning/temporary or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the violation.



If you gain knowledge of any violation of our rules you have to report them.

Concequence for violation: warning/temporary or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the violation.



Community Hive

MYDAYZ#1 - Chernarus Classic | | 103718 | Veteran | GMT-5 | JSRS + CBA

MYDAYZ#8 - Namalsk | 0.75 | 103718 | Veteran | 3DP: ON | CH: OFF | Custom Buildings | More Vehicles | SelfBB | Veteran | GMT-5 | JRSR + CBA

MYDAYZ#11 - Chernarus Expert | | 103718 | Mercenary | GMT-5 | JSRS + CBA

MYDAYZ#17 - Caribou | 0.2 | 103718 | Veteran | GMT-5 | JSRS + CBA

MYDAYZ#18 - Epoch Lingor | completely re-balanced & unique custom features

MYDAYZ#24 - Epoch Napf | completely re-balanced & unique custom features

For all details about our gameservers click here.


Community Hive

Hive Whitelist - The myDayZ Community Hive is protected with our whitelisting system technology, which prevents players from joining which are not on our whitelist. We are the first and currently only Provider of a whitelisted private Hive with SMS Verification to create a secure environment.

Before starting the whitelist verification you need to ensure the following:

- Your forum account must exist for at least 5 hours

- Your forum account was activated by clicking on the link you have received via E-Mail

- One of our gameservers must have "seen" your GUID in the last 10 hours (*)

- You need to introduce yourself in our introduction forums (http://forum.mydayz.de/board11/) with a short thread stating why you want to play on our servers.

(*) = Join on one of our servers which has the highest "current player" count. It doesn't matter if you are kicked instantly - your GUID will be recorded. It might take 5-15 minutes until your GUID is synced and accepted by the webinterface

How does the SMS verification work?

- Visit https://whitelist.mydayz.de

- Login with your forum account

- Enter your GUID (*²) and your cellphone number

- Doublecheck that you did not make any mistakes!

- You will receive a verification code within a few minutes. Some players reported that the SMS arrived after up to an hour. Please be a little patient.

- Enter this code

- You then will see our server rules and need to accept them

- After that you will be on the whitelist within 2 minutes

(*²) = To find out your GUID, login on a DayZ server with Battleye enabled and type #beclient guid in chat (Hotkey "-" | "/" if english keyboard layout is used). Write down your 32 digit GUID.

What we will do with your cellular number:

- We will not share, sell, distribute or display your number anywhere, nor will we use the number for personal or project related purposes.

- If you were found guilty of cheating and/or attacking our servers we reserve the right to forward your number to a lawyer and/or law enforcement

- If at any point you do not want to continue using the features related to our whitelist you can ask for deletion of your mobile number. Your number will then be converted into a format which allows us to prevent further whitelist requests using the same number without having your actual number stored in our systems. Please be aware that when doing so your GUID will be permanently banned from all our servers and your number will be unavailable for new whitelisting requests. Should you wish to use that possibility please send an email with your mobile number and your GUID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is it dangerous to share my GUID?

That is not the case. The GUID is computed from the CD-Key with a Hash-Function. Using the GUID allows to verify that the player possesses a valid CD-Key but does not allow to compute the CD Key. As a matter of fact every gameserver admin can see your GUID, that is why we are able to match it against our whitelist


Community Hive

Tents are saving automatically Withdrawal and Storing of items in tens is saved automatically on the myDayZ Community Hive, which prohibits server restart duping with unsaved tents.

Leaving a flying chopper will not be a certain death anymore - Use your parachute and land safely, instead of hitting the ground of Chernarus and lose all your gear.

Automatic respawn of destroyed vehicles at server restart - Destroyed vehicles will automatically respawn on the next server restart instead of rottening in the woods.

Ghosting and Server-Hopping Protection - To prohibit ghosting and server hopping you will be able to join another Chernarus server after a lockout time of 15 minutes. You can instantly reconnect to the server where you came from though.


Community Hive

Character Rollback - If you lost your character or your gear due to a bug or hacker we provide you to request a Character Rollback. Use our Rollback Request area in our forums. If we can verify the hack or bug, you'll get your character rolled back.

Abuse Management - Players should stick to our community hive policy. If you encounter a player who is breaking our rules, you have the opportunity to create a thread in our Abuse Management area in our forums. We will check the posted issue and warn or ban cheaters, combat loggers, etc. accordingly.

Community Hive maintenance - We enhance our existing mechanics, tools and features constantly and develop new ones on a regular basis to provide the players on our servers a great DayZ experience. For example: We are checking the servers regularly if someone broke our rules by duping or hacking, even without a report in our forums.


You'll find general discussion, looking for group and additional information regarding the Community Hive in our forums.


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