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myDayZ Frequently Asked Questions

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Whitelisting Procedure

Why such a complex Whitelisting Procedure?
To ensure maximum security we provide a unique whitelisting procedure in which you have to confirm your account via SMS to play on our servers.

What are the requirements to get on the Whitelist?
You need a mail-confirmed account on our forums with a minimum age of 5 hours. You’d also need to introduce yourself in the corresponding forum and you will have to have at least tried once to connect to one of our gameservers, whereat it doesn’t matter if you got kicked, the only purpose for this, is to publish your GUID to our backend.

How do I get on the myDayZ- Whitelist?
Use this Guide to get on our Whitelist: http://mydayz.de/en/hive#whitelist

What is a GUID and where do I find it?
The GUID is a one-way-hash created out of your serialnumber and as mentioned cannot be reversed again. It gives us the possibility to check whether you own a CD-Version or not. You can check your GUID by connecting to one of our gameservers and type in the command #beclient guid in the chat (“-” key). Write down your 32 digit GUID.

How does the SMS-verification work?
Log in on https://whitelist.mydayz.de/ with your forumaccount, type in your mobile phone number and wait for the verification code to arrive. After arrival of the verification code, type it in and be whitelisted within only 2 minutes.

How long does the SMS take to arrive?
In most cases the SMS will arrive within just minutes but occasionally player report it could take up to 60 minutes. In case of doubt open up a thread in our support forums or come up to one of our senior staff members on the teamspeak server.



Problems and troubleshooting

Where and how do I reach people who are able to help me?
If you encounter any issues that are not covered by this FAQ please kindly ask the large community on our forums. If this still brings no help you can, of course, ask one of the staff members on the forums or the  teamspeak server.

I haven’t received the verification code.
If you haven’t received the verification SMS after 10 hrs please open a thread on our support forums or ask a senior staff members on the teamspeak to provide help. Keep in mind to never publish your GUID or mobile phone number somewhere on the forums.

I have entered the wrong mobile phone number.
If you typed in a wrong number just type a random 6 digit code into the the field twice. It will then give you the possibility to change the mobile phone number and re-send the verification code. Please keep in mind: this workaround will only work once. If you typed in the wrong number twice, you will need to contact one of the admins on the teamspeak server or open a thread on the support forums.

What does "NoIntroductionThread" mean?
In order to get whitelisted you need to create an Introduction in this forum. If you are getting an error message while trying to create a thread, log out, delete your browser cache und try it again.

Why did I got banned?
If you got banned, that sure happened for a reason which you can see in the ban-message ingame. If you got banned for no reason please open a thread on our ban appeal forum or talk to one of the admins on the teamspeak server.




What is a rollback-request?
Because of our unique technical possibilities we have the chance to do so called “rollbacks”. That means we can set your character to a older data status.

When can I request a rollback?
We only provide rollbacks if you have died in an “unnatural” way, like major bugs or hackers. We also provide rollbacks if you are stuck somewhere in the world. We do not provide rollbacks if you have died of a know bug (i.e. crouching through doors)

What are requirements for a rollback-request?
We can only provide rollbacks if you haven’t respawned yet, there is no way to do a rollback if you have already respawned your character.



Privacy and data security

Can I give away my CD-Key to a friend?
What you do with your CD-key is your own decision, but keep in mind if you break our rules it will affect both players and you’ll have to face the consequences.

Can I post my mobile phone number or GUID?
For your own security we highly disadvice to do so. Admins will never ask you to post it on the public forums, in cases of problems they will handle it via private message or private talk on the teamspeak-server.

What do we do with your mobile phone number?
We will never give away, sell or post your numbers somewhere. In cases of a security breach or usage of unallowed scripts we will, of course, pass your data to our lawyers or the investigative authorities in charge.

Ist it possible to let you delete my phone number?
If at any point you do not want to continue using the features related to our whitelist you can ask for deletion of your mobile number. Your number will then be converted into a format which allows us to prevent further whitelist requests using the same number without having your actual number stored in our systems. Please be aware that when doing so your GUID will be permanently banned from all our servers and your number will be unavailable for new whitelisting requests. Should you wish to use that possibility please send an email with your mobile number and your GUID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is it dangerous to publish my GUID?
No, as mentioned before the GUID is a one-way-hash value of your serial number it’s not possible to reverse it, the only purpose is to verify whether you own a valid cd-key or not. All of our  serveradmins have access to your GUID and it’s the only reason why our whitelist is working the way it does now.



About the project myDayZ

What is the goal of myDayZ
myDayZ is an online community with the goal to provide premium content for Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ.

Who is financing a project like this?
All funds for this projects are raised throughout donations, advertisements and private invests and go directly to server-, license- and operating-costs.

How can I support myDayZ?
We’re always happy when we receive donations. Click here to get to know how to donate.

What are my advantages by supporting the project?
You will receive a very unique rank on our forums and all forum ads will be removed for your account. Last but not least you will have the satisfaction for supporting a project like this.


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