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DayZ 2017 Preview

What if... DayZ was only the beginning of the Apocalypse? Five years after the initial viral infestation, Chernarus has become a gloomy place full of hardship, suffering and … well... hordes of undead. Most of the once scavenging bandits and the big paramilitarian squads of the early days have managed to kill eachother in a remorseless reality, the stacks of loot and circle tents have long turned to dust and the cans on the shelves even seem more rotten than ever before leaving behind nothing for the remaining survivors but the few animals in the woods and barely a chance to survive. New skills and perspectives are needed in the Chernarus of DayZ 2017: how will you make it up the coastal line when your feet wont carry you no longer? Is there a chance to grab a hatchet somewhere up north when the big cities in the south are impossible to be entered? How will you be able to carry the most essential survival equipment without a vehicle or a large backpack?

DayZ 2017 demands all adaptation skills from you and your character offering nothing but a deadly setting in which it is you that needs to survive the years after the aftermath. Or as its creator Luke puts it: „Living off the land is more of a needed skill than zeroing a sniper rifle...“

New characters evolve, vehicles are in dare need of various fixes and (re)constructions and well most of the food and weaponry of the past civilizations are only mere myths from the diaries and storybooks. Tie your boots, grab a blanket and keep your matches dry: DayZ 2017, created by another coding enthusiast Luke aka „Shinkicker“ will hit the streets as a first alpha mod soon, shaking up the universe of DayZ with yet another thrilling survival attempt...

DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017

DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017 DayZ 2017

Screenshots: PCGamer.com


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