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DayZ Build 1.7.5 Preview

Another community made DayZ Patch has got its preliminary patchnotes. DayZ Build 1.7.5 will be also released by R4Z0R49 and his fellas. He announced the patchnotes in the official DayZ Mod forum thread for community builds. We will offer a fast DayZ 1.7.5 download mirror as soon as the patch is released. One of the most interesting points of this patch should be the updated GUI icons. A image was released with these patchnotes:

DayZ 1.7.5 GUI


- Weapon - Sa58P_EP1. (Military)
- Weapon - Sa58V_EP1. (Military)
- Weapon - Sa58V_RCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
- Weapon - Sa58V_CCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
- Weapon - G36C. (HeliCrash)
- Weapon - G36C_camo. (HeliCrash)
- Weapon - G36A_camo. (HeliCrash)
- Weapon - G36K_camo. (HeliCrash)
- Weapon - M40A3 (MilitaryS)
- Ability to flip ATV's.
- Zeds spawn while in vehicles.
- Zeds mow have the ability to damage vehicles. This is limited to glass only once glass is destoryed players within will be damage.
- Zeds now have the ability to pull you from open vehicles.
- In combat bot added if your in combat and logoff your player will be replaced with a bot that can still be looted and killed.
- New Load screens added to show timeleft for combat logging.
- Revamped Blood/Food/Water/Temp gui icons. Posted Image
- BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS replaced with BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo. (HeliCrash)
- Added a much faster login process.
- Limted amount of ammo found with weapons.
- Gender selection images updated thanks Des.
- Updated infection chance during zed attacks from 1/1000 to 1/50.
- Changed Loot tables to increase the supply of Antibiotic drops.
- Combat Mode is now effected by everything you do and everything done to you (example any kind of damage).
- Bots will lie down on player dissconnect.
- While bots are active all gear is synced in real time as if the bot was a normal player removes dupping issues.
- Max local zeds updated based on the area your in (example CityCapitals - 100, City's - 80, Village's - 60 (Old Local Zed count was 40 at any location that has buildings)).
- Removed BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS (Based on poll)
- Banned m136 as it never really worked and served no real purpose.


- Zeds hearing should now be fixed.
- Temperature icon color now ranges from iceblue (cold) to red (hot)
- German Tranlations updated.
- mi17 gunner seat is now fixed (you no longer stand outside)
- Hive: Crash issue on stale child calls

What do you think of the preliminary patch notes? Feel free to discuss the new fixes and changes. Drop us a line in our forums.


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