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Recent DayZ Standalone Facts summarized

The DayZ Standalone only weeks ahead, the latest devblog gives answers to questions dear to the gamers' community. The fears of some, that the MMO-aspects of the upcoming publication will move the gameplay towards a turn-based mechanism are proven wrong by „Rocket“ and his staff. For them „MMO“ simply marks a technical definition meaning that the new game architecture forces the decision-making process to the servers, without any other side effects to the „open world survival horror“ game design. The profitable result for the server hosts is, that with the release of the DayZ Standalone client side hacks for instance become less effective.

The standalone game will use the Steam VAC-software to the full extent, providing another means of security to the players and server hosts. The recent threats of cheaters and hacking attacks are also the reason for the team to lockdown the game architecture, so it will not be moddable until the game structure has proven to be invulnerable to these threats. After that an involvement of the community modders will not only be possible but also welcomed.

Of course, the initial demand of server resources is a serious issue for the Devs, but they stay optimistic to cope with the huge interest even without putting a limit to the initial adoption rate. Since most of the ongoing developments are focussing on a stable foundation for the game – moving it from a FPS architecture towards a MMO – it will become possible to support between 100-300 players on a server which is currently limited to 40-50 players even if this means that the real creative developments have to be postponed until later next year. Of course the standalone game will be better and bolder than most people expect, but it is also somewhat streamlined.

This brings about both completely overhauled UI elements and interior rewrites of the game engine in order to fit the intended purposes. As far as the latter is concerned this means a „reinvention“ of the basic game architecture. On the other hand, every single UI element from option screens, to menues, cursors etc. has been redesigned from the ground up also.

Even with the main focus of this year's programming efforts lying in the establishment of a stable game architecure, the standalone will bring about also numerous changes to the game design itself: Clothing issues for instance become more and more complex offering different types of functional jackets, vests, pants, headwear and even shoes. This goes hand in hand with a complete overhaul of the loottables and loot spawning in general, where new stuff has to be found underneath beds or on shelves for instance. However the UI regarding the equipment will strictly follow its functionality without the „flashy stuff“ that can be found in minecraft, but more details will not be given away just now.

Also new meele and civilian weapons will be introduced in the future, but for the fans of chainsaws and bow and arrow, patience has to become your best friend, since these issues will be postponed until later next year.

The same counts for various deseases which will spread throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape making it necessary to find certain antibiotics and antidotes.

The removal of the peripheral dots caused great discussions amongst the communities and the dev-team likewise, therefore this issue might be resolved by a consquent server configurability. This will give the server hosts yet another chance to offer „personalized“ server settings which stand out from the flood of providers using the regular options. As far as the initial standalone is concerned however, the basic architecture is to be established, with more and more details and options to become accessible shortly after.


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