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Bohemia Interactive introcudes Secure Player ID

Bohemia Interactive Secure Player IDThe next step in the constant battle against cheaters was done by Bohemia Interactive. Yesterday a new feature called “Secure Player ID” was introduced. As you may know many background processes in ArmA2 and also in DayZ depend on the so called player ID (not the GUID ) which should be unique to every player.

In the past however cheaters found a way to spoof these IDs to perform several malicious actions which could disturb ingame experience in different ways or even lead to more severe problems, e.g. synchronizing wrong hive data for DayZ.

The new secure player id or verified player id attempts to counter this. It is based on an additional signature which was added to ensure that spoofed player IDs can be detected from now on. This system transparent to the user, the players will not notice any changes (only in case they decide to tamper with their game data).

In fact the secure player id was in the code since 1.62, it just has not been documented yet. So the new system can be activated by the server admins immediately. There are two settings available:


  • This mode will verify if the player provided a valid ID. In case the ID is invalid a message will be shown and logged but no further actions are taken. This mode is recommended for server admins for now until BI was able to collect feedback from players and server admins.


  • All players who provide a player ID which cannot be validated will be unable to connect to the server.

As this new feature was only tested internally until now BI recommends to use the first mode to discover any remaining issues. Over the time when the system proves to be stable and does not produce false positives the second mode should be used to prevent players with spoofed IDs from joining.

One thing BI points out is that a separate server is used to validate player IDs. Each player needs to connect to this server at least once – so in case a large number of server admins starts to enable this feature the server might get temporarily overloaded.

We have already enabled this feature on our MYDAYZ# servers and are eager to see the results and catch some cheaters!


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