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More help for Ivan & Martin

Ivan & MartinWith the first public protests planned for the 26th of November in Prague, a letter of Czech President Vaclav Klaus to the Greek Government seems to bring a new momentum to the cases of the two imprisoned Bohemia Interactive Devs Ivan and Martin. The matter is now proclaimed an issue of international diplomacy between the two states, however the words of Klaus appear rather cautious and hollow, taking into account the tremendous weight of the accusations against the two.

The issue is „a sensitive“ one to the Czech public and therefore also to him as the President, Klaus underlines in his writing, yet he puts full trust into the Greek authorities and declines the wish to interfere with their work. In regards to the binational relations between the two EU-countries, he praises the Greek President to monitor the case proceedings carefully and ensure that the two young men „will be treated to the full extent of the law“.

Closely after receiving the letter, the Greek President called in a meeting with the Czech consul in Athens, putting the issue in the hands of the highest Greek-Czech diplomats. While the appeal made by Klaus reads relatively inoffensive, the relatives and friends of the two imprisoned men feel that it will sure have a positive influence on the cases. In some days, the Greek police will finish their investigations and, no matter what the diplomatic effects of Klaus' letter would be, another request of release can be forwarded by the lawyer of Ivan and Martin closely after that. By today more than 21.000 people have signed an online petition in favor of the two detainees, yet if this will be furtherly noticed by the Greek authorities seems questionable.


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