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DayZ Standalone in December 2012

The release date for DayZ Standalone was updated at official dayzmod.com forums to December 2012. An official Standalone Thread is existing over there where board admin Griff explained that an exact release date cannot be published yet, because a release of an alpha version can be postponed if modifications have to be done right before the internal planned release.

DayZ Standalone Release Date

Known facts at official DayZ Standalone Thread over at dayzmod.com Forum are:

  • The game will be released in an Alpha build for a low price point
  • Rocket is project lead for DayZ at Bohemia Interactive.
  • DayZ is set to follow the Minecraft pricing and development model.
  • There will be continued support for DayZMOD alongside DayZ game.
  • Running on "Arma 2.5" engine. Will include an updated Chernarus map, and new weather system.

Furthermore additional DayZ Standalone screenshots were released in an interview with Dean Hall and TopOfTheGames:

DayZ Standalone DayZ Standalone DayZ Standalone DayZ Standalone

Screenshot Source: TopOfTheGames


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