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DayZ Chernarus 2.0 Gameserver

A new DayZ Gameserver connected to the Communtiy Hive is available to you starting from now which will bring some variation to the Vanilla DayZ Chernarus you used to know. We're running a rMod-Server which allows several modifications. The team which maintains the server spends a hure amount of time of balancing these new features so you will only find items which fit into the DayZ atmosphere and no overpowered items will be added.

On top of that the map itself is modified on a regular basis by adding new buildings and other details - so if you spend a few hours on the server you will find stuff that you have not seen on any other server until now. Some Features and Impressions can be found here:

DayZ Chernarus 2.0 DayZ Chernarus 2.0 DayZ Chernarus 2.0 DayZ Chernarus 2.0

- More then 50 different Vehicles, Boats and Aircrafts
- 95% of ArmA2:OA Weapons can be found
- continuous monitoring for optimal balancing
- Thermalweapons were not integrated
- Unique places, camps and modifications of know cities and villages with loot spawns
- modified Helicopter Crash Site Loot
- more then 200 new spawnpoints for new vehicles
- activated JSRS Mod for better sound
- modified loot tables on high populated places
- activated Side-Chat

To allow these modifications you need to install rMod. You can download it here: rMod Download. To find this server just search for MYDAYZ#10 with your favorite server browser. Alternatively you can connect manually with the details provided here: Manual joining our gameservers

DayZ Chernarus Gameserver

The new gameserver offers 50 slots and got the ID MYDAYZ#10. You'll find the new DayZ Chernarus 2.0 server with common launchers and ArmA 2 with the following name:

  • MYDAYZ#10 - <3 Custom Gaming [whitelist: http://hive.mydayz.de] [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:OFF][GMT-5] private Hive by myDayZ.de

MYDAYZ#10 is also secured with our whitelist technology. Only players that are whitelisted can connect to it. You'll find detailed information about whitelisting here: mydayz.de/en/hive. Please share your thoughts, feedback and impressions in the comments.


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