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No bail for imprisoned ArmA 3 devs

As the czech news provider Rozhlas reveals, the two imprisoned Bohemia Interactive employees Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been denied any right to post bail. After 70 days of jail, a period far longer than usual, they now face a court trial in front of a Greek jury on the acclaimed accusations of espionage on military installations. By Greek law this could mean a possible imprisonment of up to 20 years, if they are found guilty.

While the two complain about the conditions of their arrestation, they are being held in a cell with 25 other people, sleeping on the ground, a strike in the Greek legal system is to blame for the consquent postponement of their hearing. The parents of the two young Czechs have now forwarded a request to the President and the Prime Minister of the Republic. Rozhlas quotes them underlining the emotional change the two prisoners have gone through since the day of their arrest: „Our boys no longer tell us, that it's alright“, in recent calls they only say: „Please save us!“

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