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DayZ 1.7.3 & new Community Hive Features

Even with the long awaited DayZ standalone around the corner - only a few months before its publication – the release of the 1.7.3. DayZ mod patch shakes up the sand in the Zombie Survival Universe of Chernarus and vicinity.

The patch not only proves the unbroken commitment of the development team to offer further support for the DayZ mod, but also underlines its close interaction with the steadily growing community of gamers and serverproviders around the world. Without the latter, stresses the projectleader Dean "Rocket" Hall in his personal thread, the patch would not have surfaced as it has now, bringing about essential improvements to the gameplay and numerous bug fixes. Rocket pays great gratitude to RAZOR49 in this context, who promoted the contents addressed in the patch throughout the community, discussing open issues and bringing together solutions and opinions in various forums and threads.

The results of the at times heated debates and countless discussionposts, which can now be found as fixes and new gameplay elements in the 1.7.3. patch, which were already presented in an article earlier this week.

Next to the numerous fixes and fresh implementations focussing on the gameplay, the new patch counters one of the most discussed problems in DayZ, the „combat logging“, by presenting the innovative combat timer in the upper right corner of your screen. While the 30 second timer is running, while and after being shot at or firing a gun, the Alt+F4 combination is shut off only leading to the personal status page while the abort button is ineffective.

Only critic regarding the new patch, which is to be found in the various forums, is the missing of a death-log file for the serverhosters, in which the location and furthermore detailed deathmessages can be used to analyse and counter possible teleport massmurders in addition to the widely spread anticheat and antihackersoftware.

The release of the DayZ 1.7.3 patch brings about much hope for an evermore safe and optimized standalone of DayZ, in which the ideas and critical thoughts of gamers and serverhosts likewise will find a right place in gameplay elements and network developments. And for those puppylovers out there: the long promised dogs will be postponed until the standalone, so for now, do not bother to look for furry animals other than the ones you can hunt along the way in Chernarus and other parts of the DayZ universe.

Until then enjoy the DayZ Mod on our Community Hive gameservers, which are already running on DayZ Patch 1.7.3. Furthermore we are offering additional features to enhance gameplay on our servers.

- Kill-Status Messages are active on all servers
- Random spawn of care packages with low value loot is active on all servers
- Server hopping on Chernarus servers is prevented by Guardian
- The L85 AWS was removed from loot tables of the Chernarus hive
- AS50 and M107 do not spawn at heli crash-sites anymore, but they can be found on regular loot spawns over the map - thus these powerful weapons are more rare
- We offer a character rollback service for Chernarus and Namalsk for characters who were lost due to bugs or the like

You find detailed information about our Community Hive at mydayz.de/en/hive. As usual we're counting on community feedback and would like to hear your opinions. So drop us a line in our forums.


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