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DayZ Celle V2 - Preview

The DayZ Map Celle ported by shinkicker will be released in a second Version. If you don't know DayZ Celle, try it on our DayZ Celle server MYDAYZ#7 which is connected to the Community Hive. (You can download DayZ Celle here.) Unfortunately no release date for DayZ Celle V2 were mentioned in shinkickers blog, but he listed some features which seem very interesting:

- Introduction of Gyrocopters
- Deployable camo nets for vehicles and snipers
- Additional zed skins (german postmen and cops)
- Additional vehicles (Audi)
- Reduced military and G36 spawn
- Increased Zombie spawn
- Increased damage from infected
- The north of DayZ Celle will be more populated
- The town center of celle will become even more psycho ambience

DayZ Celle DayZ Celle DayZ Celle DayZ Celle

DayZ Celle DayZ Celle DayZ Celle DayZ Celle

What do you think of the planned features for DayZ Celle V2? Share your opinion and drop a line in the comments.

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