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DayZ Collector's Edition & Tanktrap removal

Dean is very active on Twitter in the last weeks and he shared some information about DayZ recently. We already mentioned the possibility of removing barbed wire fencing (Article), but it seems that they are planning to remove tanktraps also. This removal would last as long as these obstacles would stop the infected.

Furthermore Dean announced that Bohemia Interactive will release a DayZ Collector's Edition. It will bit a bit more expensive as DayZ Standalone standard but it will contain some goodies like T-Shirts, Chernarus maps and original DayZ art work.

Dean answered a question regarding the massive amount of hackers, that they are doing major progress when it comes to security in DayZ Standalone. He recommends using private Hives, because some of them are more secure and well maintained (Like our Community Hive) where the player can experience DayZ as it used to be.

In addition Dean called up all players to share the incident regarding the detainment of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. They are imprisoned and accused for spying in Greek. Bohemia Interactive has published a statement on their facebook page which you can share.


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