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DayZ Loot Spawn - How it works

Loot in DayZ - How When and Why
Today we take a closer look at DayZ Loot Spawning. When does Loot spawn/re-spawn, when do zombies spawn and how does the loot re-spawn mechanism work.

DayZ Loot Guide
First important marker you will reach moving towards the supermarket spawn in this picture (btw, this is Zelengorsk supermarket) is this Yellow circle. This marks the 200 meter radius around the supermarket. Once a player crosses into the yellow zone , Zombies will spawn at the Supermarket.

DayZ Loot Guide
Next important marker would be this Green circle. This marks the 120 meter radius. It is the trigger for Loot to spawn, in addition, the moment the player enters the Green zone, a 10 minute 'Loot re-spawn Timer' is activated. After these 10 minutes the loot will re-spawn on spots where it has been removed or are empty... UNLESS ...and here comes the catch...

DayZ Loot Guide
A player is inside this Red 30 meter circle. In this case the 10 minute time will indeed run down but at the end there will be no loot re-spawn, even if loot has been removed from the spots. Also the 10 minute 'Loot re-spawn Timer' will not start again while a player is in the Red 30 meter radius of the spawn.

So please remember, when looting alone , get out 30 meters and sit out the 10 minute 'Loot re-spawn Timer' before expecting new loot to appear.

Solo Tip:

The timer has starter already when you are in the supermarket looking at your loot . So take a few minutes , gather all the loot you want even remove trash loot from spawn places then move out and you will only have to wait a few more minutes till re-spawn.. Its important you are NOT in the Red Zone when the timer reaches 10 minutes.

Now for the Juicy Bits :) If you are not alone and you are looting with your friends in a group , all of this becomes much less tiresome.

DayZ Loot Guide
Notice there are now 5 players. 4 in the Red zone, 1 in the Green zone.

In this situation the Loot will re-spawn no matter what, as long as we have one player in the Green zone when the 10 min 'Loot re-spawn Timer' runs down .
The re-spawn mechanism does not care if player(s) are in the Red zone as long as one player is in the Green zone the 10 minute re-spawn times will run down, re-spawn loot and restart the following 10 min 'Loot re-spawn Timer'.

So, basically you can camp the supermarket waiting for loot as long as another Player is in the Green zone keeping the 10 min 'Loot re-spawn Timer' restarting.

Thats it in short .

The span mechanism. Hope it helps and removes some doubts and myths about loot-spawning.

Screenshots were taken from CasualTheoryCrafters awesome Loot Video Guide.


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